Tuesday, September 26, 2006

did i watch heroes?

the short answer: no.

it looked too much like x-men or the 4400, and i didn't really have the patience for more of that. plus i hate ali larter, she's one of those girls that guys think is really hot, but if you ask me, she has the potential t get really fat in ugly in a couple years. i'm not sure who else quualifies in this category, but it now exists b/c of ali larter.

i did, however, catch bits and pieces of the premiere and an extended preview of the show. it's not what i thought, and i totally dig the comic book coming to life theme. like the upcoming movie with will ferrell having his life narrated by a book emma thompson is writing.

as for the 2nd ep. of studio 60, one huge problem was that closing scene that was supposed to be really really funny and save the show from oblivion ... wasn't funny at all.

in other news, i have a new goal to read at least 6 magazines a day. i have a HUGE backlog of newsweek, EW, popular science, glamour, lucky, cosmo, smithsonian and etc mostly starting in april '06, but i even found a newsweek from august 05. it makes reading much faster when you already know how everything turns out. imagine that.


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