Thursday, May 03, 2007

more hilarity from the stat counter

apparently, another way you can find this blog is if you type "can you eat skunk?" in google. for some reason it leads to the post about the weakness of man.
which makes me wonder, can you eat skunk? apparently american indians in northern california ate skunk.
then i came across this "appalachian trail enthusiast" forum. genius
You can (and I have) eat just about anything on four feet, some just taste better than others.
Squirrles and chipmunks carry a prion disorder like mad cow -- don't eat the brains.
'musky animals' muskrat, skunk, beaver are edible but you have to be carefull when you skin them or they taste like... well words can't describe how skunk meat polluted with skunk musk tastes.

i highly recommend reading through the forum, if not for the off chance you're stranded in the forest, then for how funny hikers can be.


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