Thursday, October 12, 2006

founder vs flounder - no, not the fish

word is, i used to copy edit things, and was pretty good at it. and now, i rant.

founder means: to fall or sink down, as buildings, ground, etc. OR to become wrecked; fail utterly:
on the other hand, flounder means: to struggle clumsily or helplessly

see the difference? the two are mercilessly interchanged, and it needs to stop.

perhaps the reason this mix up especially bothers me is that whoever says these words is clearly trying to show off and sound smart, when in fact, he is an idiot. sure, mixing up that/which is annoying. however, it is SO pretentious and almost always unnecessary to say flounder/founder.

now, i will nonsensically use the words in a sentence. notice the nuance infused in my adverbial choices. also, "adverbial" might not actually be a word.
so as these morons flounder pathetically and founder miserably in their attempt to feign intelligence, i deem myself founder of the flounder appreciation society. eat up!


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