Thursday, September 20, 2007

fall tv addendum

after visiting my tv guide podcast (highly recommended listening for tv junkies), i'm adding "pushing daisies" to my list. it's about a guy (who supposedly is just like zachary levi from "chuck") who can revive people from the dead with his touch. he then solves the mystery of who killed them, touches them again, and poof, re-dead. kind of reminds me of dead zone, but with a better lead, since i'm not a huge anthony michael hall fan (sorry coop. this video of hall dropping the n-bomb is pretty entertaining, though). anyway, pushing daisies has gotten decent reviews, so i'm curious.

lastly, more on "moonlight." for any of you who are veronica mars fans (especially those of the fairer, smarter, more-put-together sex), jason dohring has joined the cast.

i wish the best to rest of the sadly dispersed VM crew. maybe i'll even make separate google alerts on all you.


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