Wednesday, October 25, 2006

don't hate to see you go, ms. flow

a birth control pill that would get rid of your period indefinitely? amazing.

the story says: "But in the end, for reasons both medical and cultural, it's not clear that putting the kibosh on the curse is a good idea."
how wrong you are ms. richards. if my connection to women has something to do w/ monthly anemia, then i think i'll hang w/ the boys.


Blogger FOMB said...

you really think so? try fudging your cycle by adding even an extra week or two of pills...usually a regretful experience. (i won't bother the general reading public with the details.)

ps--did find a deliciously sexy pair of fishnets @ vicky's for more than i wanted to pay, but it was the only place i could find a pair with the seam running down the back of the legs!

10/26/2006 1:47 AM  

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