Sunday, October 15, 2006

Buenvenidos a miami

when i think "miami hurricanes football," rarely do "clean" or "respectable" come to mind.

yesterday's brawl, chockful of kicking, helmet hurling and takedowns, is further proof. add on the whole 7th Floor Crew scandal, and them not being especially good, i'd say they have a problem.

i've figured out what that problem is, and it's been staring everyone in the face: their coach's name is Larry COKER. hello! what do you think he does in his spare time? the name is practically mocking his players, goading them to do naughty things.

the solution: rename himself "larry anti-sanctions." or at least change it to something more trendy. larry crystal meth-er.


Blogger Mike said...

its the U, they are all future convicts...I wouldnt exepect anything LESS from that team!

10/16/2006 12:32 AM  

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