Friday, May 25, 2007

really inappropriate jokes

i'm pretty sure odd things have happened to me this week, but i've been too friggin busy to think of them.

so i leave you with this headline from "there's a reason you're the ivy league bottom dweller" dartmouth.

IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council) requires sexual assault training.

it explains so much!

in other sexual assault-related news, michigan's beta chapter (beta theta wanna rape-ya) was shut down for alcohol related offenses. it's about time.

and even more: a man was apprehended for indecent exposure at UCSB, a sex crime (at least in michigan).
According to a University of California Police Department press release, McDonald scheduled an appointment with a female academic advisor to receive assistance filling out graduate school applications, however, the meeting took an abrupt change when the student unexpectedly exposed his penis.
The faculty member then ordered McDonald to return his penis to his pants and leave the facility.

i wish i was the one who got to write that last sentence.


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