Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Tour organizers had said the concerts ... would go ahead without Dogg"

snoop dogg and diddy are canceling all their british tour dates because snoop couldn't get a visa. that's kind of funny in and of itself, but it's even better when the AP and US news write about it.

1. they refer to snoop as "dogg" in the story. i'm not really sure what ap style is on rappers' names, but i'm SURE this is wrong. the best rule for writing is to not let it be distracting. i'd say they failed miserably. "mr. dogg, would you like to upgrade to first class?"

2. "diddy" is in quotes in the headline. if "snoop dogg" is OK to stand alone, why not "diddy?" it's as if diddy is less real than snoop.

3. i bet snoop has a huge file with british FBI (MI-5? i think). put him up there with the UK's most wanted.

4. and the biggest absurdity of all. diddy is on tour? really?


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