Monday, March 19, 2007

so many hamburgers ...

yet so little computer repair.

did you know there are two fuddruckers in DC proper? i am in striking distance of the "world's greatest hamburgers," not to mention that five guys (aka zagat-rated famous burgers and fries) is 10 min from my house and another 5 min from work. that's a lot of mad cow waiting to be eaten.

lost in all this ground beef is the fact that there is NO APPLE STORE in DC. i have to go to (ugh) virginia to get my damn computer fixed when it breaks, which is often.

fuddruckers. really?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

five brothers has some damn good hamburgers...its a heart attack waiting to happen, but they are still good once a month... or maybe a mini twice a month...

3/20/2007 3:11 AM  

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