Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i wonder how much my blog is worth

probably not much. how sell-out would i be if i got a little google adsense up on this biotch? without endorsing click fraud, i'd probably bring in a couple bucks a year. i can maybe buy myself a burrito. a frozen one. from 7-11.

in other blog news, i've been researching this story and have stumbled upon some disturbing information. there are companies out there that pay private bloggers to write posts about their advertisers. payperpost comes to mind. it's just so unethical. stupid blogosphere and its lawless state.

in more stream of consciousness blog talk, i just read this sentence in an orlando sentinal story on people getting paid to blog.

"Is this free enterprise at work? Or yet another nail in the coffin of the Internet's credibility?"

since when, exactly, has the "internet" had credibility?

journalists are so silly sometimes.


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