Monday, January 08, 2007

can i get some gladware into this mother?

reasons why i'm mad at my house right now.

1. my roommate didn't pay the cable bill. no tv, no internet. i've already missed an episode of friday night lights, and FYI! 24 is starting on sunday. 8 pm. double episode. this needs to be fixed and soon.

2. i cooked lunch for myself to bring to work, and knowing there was plenty of tupperware and gladware in the cabinet, i stir fried with the best of them. when i went to put the food in a container, i could not find one bottom that matched a lid. not one. i counted: there were 11 containers and 8 lids. NONE MATCHED. are you kidding me? why are they even there? why don't they just throw away the lids and call the other half ugly bowls? i then went to CVS, bought two containers, and hid the one i wasn't using.

3. there is no garbage disposal. welcome to the 19th century. ok, i'm spoiled, but not having one is just terrible. you have to throw your liquidy leftovers out the window and have to be hyper careful when washing plates. i'd rather have a disposal over a dishwasher, times 100.

that's it. no other complaints. otherwise, life is good. no angst whatsoever. and i've started reading books.


Blogger J. said...

um, yeah. WE are going to need to be hooked up for 24!!!!!


1/08/2007 8:36 PM  

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