Thursday, December 07, 2006

my new way to exercise consumerism

i think i've discovered the absolute best thing about living in the city. absolute. best.

not the totally hip scene. not the bars. not the lack of driving. ...

it's buying your groceries online and having them delivered.

i saw a big safeway truck the other day and have been browsing their website. it's absolutely amazing. there's a delivery fee, but it will probably end up being cheaper than buying food at wholefoods (the closest grocery to me). plus i will never have a "home alone" moment when all my bags rip and vegetables roll down the street.

another plus, i normally don't buy a lot of juice or pop (or soda) b/c it's heavy and i'm lazy. but now i can have a big burly man with a beard (or probably an immigrant) carry it to my doorstep. like i said, best ever.


Blogger FOMB said...

from the title, i thought this post was going to be about exercise. and then it was about you being really lazy. way to juxtapose.

i discovered what i'm getting you for your birthday today! hint: i heard it on NPR. actually, that's not much of a hint, because i hear everything on NPR. happy guessing!

12/07/2006 2:35 PM  

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