Sunday, November 26, 2006

i don't really like thinking ...

but when driving for 10 hours straight, you really can't help it.

one thought i had: what's with the "falling rocks" signs? if you're driving on the highway in the mountains and rocks really do start falling, is there really much you can do? swerve off the side of the mountain? but at least you didn't get hit by rocks. seriously, what has this sign done except make you white knuckle the steering wheel? it reminds me of deer crossing signs. if you're on a highway, and there's deer, someone's gonna be a goner, whether there's a sign or not.

on a separate note, when i get tired of all that thinking, i like to race the cars around me. i must say, i win this game a lot. you should really only play this game in michigan, a true lawless state. those dumb ohioans don't realize that "70 mph" is more of a suggestion than a limit. esp near detroit where the cops are too busy not deterring crime and being corrupt.

also fun is the giant semi truck that was full of SHEEP. only in pennsylvania. i have a picture of the truck, but you can't really see much. but you could sure smell it. a high-speed petting zoo. BAAHHH.


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