Monday, July 09, 2007

proof that telecom companies have way too much power

sprint nextel has cut off 1,000 of its most complaining subscribers who called customer service an average of 25 times a month, while some called 300 times a month.

i enjoy sprint's stand on this. very ballsy, and i like that. "you people are so effing annoying, we're just going to not deal with you." 300 times a month. that's 10 times a day. the manpower it takes to deal with that many calls from one person probably costs more than however much that person is paying for his/her cell phone service. granted, your word-of-mouth reputation might suffer, but whoever is calling that much per day either 1) doesn't have many friends and 2) has no credibility whatsoever (or both).

what this does sadly indicate is that phone companies really don't have to follow any of the capitalist rules. the customer is always right? not unless four giant companies have a complete monopoly over an industry and won't let you choose the phone you want with the features you want with the plan you want. my 11-year-old cousin in the philippines has a cheaper yet better working phone than me, and probably doesn't have to worry about getting cut off if she starts whining.

it's one of those things that you don't even know is broken until you go to another country and realize that there is a better way. we are all getting pwned by our cell phone carriers, and don't even know it.


Blogger Allen said...

Though I am not a SprintNextel customer, I actually took away a very positive message from this policy.

My two younger sisters-in-law are SprintNextel customers who CAN'T WAIT to be released from their contracts and jump over to T-Mobile. However, they don't want to be stuck paying the early termination fee.

Solution: call SprintNextel every day with bs complaints about service/billing until they, too, get released from their contracts.

I actually saw this as a very positive development for customers. However, judging from all the blogs I've read about this, I seem to be alone, or at least in the minority.

7/12/2007 4:56 PM  

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