Thursday, April 19, 2007

yet again, more circulator troubles

news: circulator bus becomes unhinged and rolls into georgetown building. pictures = awesome.

in other news: about halfway on my route to work (on a circulator, of course), we approach washington circle (near the foggy bottom stop and GWU hospital) and about a gazillion fire trucks/police cars zoom by. no biggie, though. typical DC day. as we pull into the circle, a zippy little cop car parks in front of us. traffic stops. just as swiftly, he pulls out the deadly yellow tape and starts blocking the entire circle. he screams at cars trying to get through. he looks upset. UGH. i watch, knowing this will eventually be a blog post.
just moments before, i was thinking about all the little circulator stories i haven't been really telling recently. things like the homeless man throwing a sandwich and umbrella at the window i was sitting at or the two times in one week i had to switch buses b/c the one i was on broke down. annoying, but not really noteworthy.
but this, coupled with the bus hitting the building, deserves mention. after i got off the bus, i tried to walk through the circle, assuming it was an accident or something. then the cop yelled at all of us, "STEP BEHIND THE YELLOW TAPE UNLESS YOU WANNA GET BLOWED UP." hm. i'll pass on the blowed up. so i walked up two blocks, around the circle, then two blocks back and was ASS LATE for work. i ate a sandwich to mourn the time lost.


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