Friday, February 16, 2007

why are all left-wing pundits ugly?

the washington post has a feature on michelle malkin, the ann coulter-esque right-wing blogger. at this point it's not even fair to refer back to coulter when describing malkin, since she is a celebrity and phenomenon in her own right. the real question is, where are all the leggy, hot liberal bloggers? and i don't just mean "liberal" like how wonkette and maureen dowd are left of center. but i'm talking crazies. who do liberals have to represent the left fringe? al franken and michael moore. NO WONDER THE HIPPIES LOST THE LAST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. no one wants to hear what you have to say if they don't to look at your either. as any media mogul will tell you, we live in a visual world nowadays.




p.s. sorry for the shitty formatting. i'm too lazy to fix.


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