Friday, January 26, 2007

death to my computer

days after getting the internet back, my computer decided to freak out and bust a lightbulb. it's w/ the apple people now. this will likely slow blog posts, especially during the weekend. in happier news, i'll be getting a whole new screen on my computer. woohoo? an excerpt from my trip to apple:

me: my computer is broken
girl: what's wrong w/ it?
me: the light's out, but i can still make out vague images
girl: oh, your inverter is probably broken
me: ....
girl: ....
me: what (the fuck) is an inverter?


girl: so do you want the flat rate repair rate? or part by part?
me: which one's cheaper?
girl: probably the flat rate
me: that one
girl: do you want the data transfer?
me: is it extra?
girl: yes
me: then no
girl: do you want extra coverage?
me: is that extra money?
girl: yes
me: then definitely no ... don't you see a trend here?
girl: yes
me: ok good. (smart girl)


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