Sunday, September 03, 2006

fellatio and vincent d'onofrio

read me!
at the beginning of the night, i really really wanted to say something witty about the story above and about oral sex.

but then law and order and law and order: criminal intent came on, and i decided it would be a good idea to watch them on split screen, switching between the two among commercials. well, that went on for 4 hours.

and now my brain hurts, unable to comment on teenage pseudo-fornication. i believe i have truly failed you all.


Blogger FOMB said...

Okay. I just listened to an On the Media from the end of August. (As I'm typing this I realized that my desktop iMac hasn't technically been online since early July. I'm wondering how the hell that podcast got there. Anyway, I digress.) They featured a guest who had some severe criticisms of the "Freakonomics" authors' crime-abortion argument because it failed to consider the rather obvious statistic of whether births have decreased. They haven't. So that technique can be difficult.

I know you're not well-read in feminist or sexuality lit, but those statistics about how many women are now receiving oral sex is not only a huge gain but calls for a new edition of the Masters and Johnson study that, spurred by Kinsey, really identified women's sexual lives.

Can you tell I'm back in academic criticism mode?

Oh, and please don't read my blog, seriously.

9/04/2006 8:03 PM  

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